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Certified Producers

Quality Fuel

We understand you need a fuel that works for
you and your organization, and it must function well.

Money Saving

We are very familiar with the challenges of creating high-quality, cost-effective charcoal.

Improving Lives

The most powerful things we do is help improve
the lives of millions of people each year.

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We have currently 3 innovations that is Modern Cook stoves (Institutional and Domestic) and Briquettes(Carbonized and Non Carbonized)

Challenges We Address


Lack of clean energy

Two billion people lack clean energy access around the world. We aim to target this population largely through providing alternative solutions on clean energy fuel and that is why we have the briquettes product.

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High emissions

One million deaths every year in Africa due to high emissions. This can be eliminated by creating awareness of usage of clean fuel such as biomass briquettes as the best alternative

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Deforestation & Pollution

Huge wood logging/cutting  leads to deforestations and pollution exposure to the environment. We offer the best solution through collection of Agri waste products and convert in energy.

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    I have a school and ever since I got to test Hanny G energy saving products, I have not turned back to using firewood. They cook fast and do not pollute the air. Best experience in cooking for a large number of people while saving costs.

    Sulieman Hemedi
    Sulieman Hemedi

    I tried the energy saving stones in the rehab I own. I have realised we spend a lot of money on normal firewood. Hongera Hanny G!

    Aisha Shanzu
    Aisha Shanzu