1.We have more than 200 families using our products and over 100 schools reached.

2.We are servicing more than 70 Hotels that we are currently supplying Non Carbonized Briquettes. Who are consuming 3 -7tons a month, giving us a revenue income of USD 100,000 – 65000/= each on a monthly basis.

3.We have developed a marketing and promotion strategy.

4.We have created a social media presence on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

5.We have currently 3 innovations that is Modern Cook stoves (Institutional and Domestic) and Briquettes(Carbonized and Non Carbonized)

6.We have prepared all the necessary documentation for the company including a strategic expansion plan and also planning of different projects.

7.Formed a partnership with SNV an NGO helping us penetrate our products in urban communities, Marginalized communities.

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