Biomass Briquette Producer 

We produce biomass briquettes which is an alternative to charcoal and firewood. More than 30,000 Hectares of trees are cleared for fuel in Tanzania in a year. This translate to 8,000 football pitches. Our innovation simply is vey unique in turning waste into energy .

How much are the briquettes?

Get in touch with us and we will give you a quotation depending on the quantity of briquettes you want.

How do you manufacture them?

We use biomass products and natural resources to produce the energy saving stones.

Cost Reporting

Currently Hanny g investment limited is supplying more 1500tonnes of briquettes to more than 100+ schools and hotels making approximately $250,000 a year. Therefore wining the price will help up scale up and reach more people to adopt usage of the clean energy solution

Producing Energy Saving Stones

During the producing process, we incorporate the production of stoves that can be used best with the Biomass Briquettes which are eco-friendly and cheaper than firewood.

Service Presentation

An overview of our energy saving products from briquette production, stove production, and how it all helps conserve the environment while improving lives.